System Features

Added Functionality:

  • This script comes with a powerful CMS
  • Supports multi-languages (Default languages: English and Bahasa Malaysia)
  • Book tables online – interactive way to book a table
  • Make catering orders with foods managed from CMS
  • Interactive foods book
  • Events
  • Photo galleries
  • Contact page with Google Map Build-in – can be modified from Control Panel
  • Contact page with Contact form
  • 2 User roles (Administrator / Client)
  • Access the control panel via Login/Register features
  • Reports – (for admins and managers only)
  • Manage foods – Add/Remove/Edit foods – (for admins and managers only)
  • Manage orders and bookings (for admins and managers only)
  • Manage events (Add events) (for admins and managers only)
  • Manage users (Add/edit/remove users) (for admins and managers only)
  • Change restaurant informations (for admins and managers only)
  • My account page (for any user role)
  • Fancy page preloader
  • Control Panel with My account area
  • 100% Responsive – Made with Bootstrap v3.2.0
  • Mobile friendly Gallery and Events sliders
  • Made with security in mind (Stable version)
System Details

Product Type
Web Application
Integrated on Existing Website Contact Page

HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, AngularJs

Services Provided
Layout Design, Web Development

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