H3 Tech (H3G Holdings Sdn Bhd) is a Malaysian IT company based in Bandar Sri Permaisuri in Kuala Lumpur. The company specialises in IT projects to provide end to end support to Malaysian clients on software development and as well market access into the Malaysian markets. Our range of services include Customized software development, mobile application development, websites and e-commerce platforms development, and as well online marketing.


H3 Tech (H3G Holdings Sdn Bhd) “hereinafter termed as H3 Tech” was established in the year 2010 and has over 8 years experience in the Malaysian IT Industry focusing in delivering IT services to the Malaysia market. The brand H3 Tech was selected in line with the restructuring of the company to its parent group, H3 Group of Companies. With a large network of clients and partners in Malaysia, H3 Tech acts as an IT division to the parent company and serves internal works to support the group


Over the years, H3 Tech has worked on many successful projects with our clients in Malaysia to assist them in their entrepreneurial journey with the following:

  1. Advancement of Business Idea from initial concept to suit the IT Challenges in development
  2. Development works and successful delivery of the end product to the client
  3. Testing and further enhancement of the system
  4. Market access to and successful deployment of system to reach the end consumers


At H3, we value our customers by providing a complete service to act as a total project development partner in IT. Our team are committed to ensure that every aspect of the software is considered to ensure a maximum performance upon delivery.

We deliver value to our clients by:

• Providing end-to-end support without additional charges
• On-site support with a technical representative in project meetings
• Flexible payment plans customized for specific customer segments


We aspire to become a strong software development partner for the next Billion-Dollar Start-up by supporting the Malaysian entrepreneurship ecosystem with IT & Support services. As H3 Tech itself has enjoyed past success in developing software projects and exiting the business at a later stage, we are constantly on the look out to identify partners.

Our current project, www.Rezpon.com is an example of our dedication to keep in touch with the recent trends in the mobile-driven ecosystem. As with most tech firms, we are continuously learning and evolving with the latest technology and market trends.


To Be Your First Choice Software Development Partner:

• We assist you in planning & system architecture designs
• We provide market benchmarks with existing software available
• Our experience team can accelerate your development within a short period of time
• We work on a flexible financing scheme to ensure that your growth is guaranteed with our support.

By positioning ourselves as your project development partner, we do not act merely as your outsourced software development company. We aspire to work hand in hand with your team to meet deadlines and to reap the rewards of our combined efforts together. Have a complete peace of mind when you start planning your next big software project, having a strong team backing you as always.

H3 Tech

Support is within reach, just connect with us and one of our customer support analyst shall extend a phone call to you!